Sclerotium Gum at a Glance

  • A naturally derived, sugar-based ingredient
  • Produced by the fermentation of filamentous fungus
  • Functions as a thickener and stabilizer in cosmetics
  • Is similar to xanthan gum and pullulan

Sclerotium Gum Description

Sclerotium gum is a naturally derived, gel-like polysaccharide (sugar-based) ingredient. It is produced from the fermentation of Sclerotium rolfsii, a type of fungus that gives it its name. Sclerotium gum is used in cosmetics to thicken and stabilize formulas. It also functions as a skin conditioning agent.

Sclerotium gum is also used as a natural alternative to synthetic gelling agents such as carbomer. It also works as a suspending agent, literally keeping heavier ingredients in a formula from sinking to the bottom and requiring a product to be shaken vigorously before each use.

The Cosmetics Ingredient Review board has deemed multiple times that sclerotium gum is considered safe as used in cosmetics, where it’s typical concentration ranges from 0.25–2%, depending on the desired product aesthetics and needs of ingredients it’s blended with. It is similar to other polysaccharide ingredients, including xanthan gum and pullulan.

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